WP 8: Project coordination and exploitation


Work Package Leader(s): Simon Blackmore (Centre for research and technology of Thessaly, GR), simon [at] unibots [dot] com

Involved Partners:
Leibniz-Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research, DE

The project manager of the project will be supported by a full time project administrator/secretary (PA/S), who will take day-to-day responsibility for project communications and for coordinating the logistics associated with meetings and workshops. He will provide logistical support where necessary to other partners and will take responsibility for processing a majority of project documents and will develop budget management procedures in conjunction with the CERETETH Finance office. The PA/S will also be responsible for the content and updating of the project website. The project manager will be the chairman of the steering committee and the project secretary will be the secretary to the steering committee. The steering committee (SC) will be made up of all of the work package team leaders, chairman of the technical committee and stakeholder representatives. The steering committee will have the responsibility to make all strategic decisions based on recommendation from the technical committee and advice and suggestions from the stakeholder representatives. Meetings will coincide with other academic meetings and conferences such as ECPA and the field robot events. One of the main responsibilities of the SC will be to commission a mid-term external review of the project and to act to implement recommendations arising from this review. This will be one of the main quality assurance mechanisms.

Deliverables resulting from this Work package are all the project progress reports and the coordination activities.

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