WP 6: Influences of robotics and biofuels on economic and energetic efficiencies of farm production


Work Package Leader(s): Eldert van Henten (Wageningen University, NL), eldert [dot] vanhenten [at] wur [dot] nl

Involved Partners:
Aalto University, FI
University of Almeria, ES
University of Aarhus, DK
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, GR
Centre for research and technology of Thessaly, GR
University of Copenhagen, DK
The main objectives of this work package is to assess the energy balance of current farming systems, to determine energy saving potentials and to typify current and new robot technology and their potential tasks in farming. The potential of on-farm bio-fuel production will also be investigated. Single and multiple machine fleet management in view of energy usage and costs will be optimized. Finally, current research robotic platforms for agriculture will be demonstrated.
Deliverables resulting from the work within this WP:
6.1 Report on on-farm bio-fuel production
6.2 Demonstration of prototype robotic systems
6.3 Report on optimized fleet management to reduce energy consumption and costs
6.4 Report of energy audit containing farm energy balances and new mechanization specifications

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