WP 5: Socio-economic, environmental impact and technology assessment


Work Package Leader(s): Søren Marcus Pedersen (University of Copenhagen, DK), marcus [at] foi [dot] dk

Involved Partners:
Centre for research and technology of Thessaly, GR
University of Aarhus, DK
Leibniz-Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research, DE
Agrifood Research Finland, FI

The main objective of this work package is to assess the economic and environmental impact on farmers, markets and regions from implementation of information intensive management systems. In addition we will assess the likely acceptability of these systems among users and stakeholders

The outcome of this work package include a description of a farm management information system which allow for more intelligent decisions about the use of different input sources, treatments and information management (incl. precision farming systems) for a number of crop rotation systems. Focus is on commonly produced crops in different European regions.

In this WP we will identify the consequences of different future farm scenarios at the farm level – in terms of economic yield and feasibility. We will identify the cost of these systems for different scale capacities and compare with conventional systems.

Potential benefits related to these systems such as: labour savings, yields, fuel savings and higher work quality (accuracies) will be estimated and used to quantify the factor productivities. Moreover, farmers' attitudes and perspectives for the new generation of farms and technologies will be assessed with farm surveys.

Finally, by using the FOI GTAP model we will model the regional socioeconomic effects of information intensive technologies on farms and Precision farming systems.

Attached below is the introduction to WP5 from the Kick-Off Meeting in Volos, January 2008.

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