WP 4: Knowledge management in the FMIS of tomorrow


Work Package Leader(s): Jens Wiebensohn (Rostock University, DE), jens [dot] wiebensohn [at] uni-rostock [dot] de, Edward Nash

Involved Partners:
Aalto University, FI
CLAAS Agrosystems GmbH & Co. KG, DE
Agrifood Research Finland, FI
PROGIS Software AG, AU

Work Package 4 will demonstrate how management strategies and compliance to standards may be dynamically integrated in the FMIS (Farm Management Information System) of tomorrow. Information on regulatory requirements, required documentation, voluntary standards and management strategies will be made available in a standardised machine-readable form via web-service interfaces. The FMIS can then search these web-services based on catalogues to find all relevant information. In the simple case, this information will be presented to the farmer, allowing her/him to make a more informed decision. In an advanced case, the software will be able to use this knowledge to analyse existing data and produce planned actions conforming to a chosen management strategy and set of standards. Such assistance in decision-making will make it easier for farmers to comply to standards and successfully implement their chosen management strategies.

In order for such a system to work, it will be necessary to define a standardised format in which the information regarding management strategies and standards can be expressed, and the interfaces required in order for the FMIS to retrieve this information from repositories. Additionally, a catalogue system is required in order for the FMIS to successfully find all relevant information, and a security and authentication system to ensure that the farmer can trust that the information being used is coming from appropriate and reliable sources.

The work in WP4 will concentrate on defining these required standards at a technical level and implementing prototype servers and client software to demonstrate the feasabilty of such systems. The information to be encoded will largely be defined by WP2 and WP3, whilst the structure of the system(s) will be developed in cooperation with WP3. Within WP4, the academic partners (UR, TKK, MTT, CERETETH) will be largely responsible for producing the specifications and implementing prototype services. Both commercial partners (Agrocom and Progis) will provide feedback to this process, whilst Agrocom will also concentrate on developing a client integrated with their existing FMIS software. Additionally, a simple web-based client will be produced to allow easy demonstration of the software and concepts developed in this work package.

Available below is the short presentation given at the FutureFarm kick-off meeting in Volos in January 2008.

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