WP 3: Analysis and specification of knowledge based farm management

Work Package Leader(s): Claus Grøn Sørensen (Aarhus University, DK), Claus [dot] Soerensen [at] agrsci [dot] dk

Involved Partners:
Centre for research and technology of Thessaly, GR
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, GR
Agrifood Research Finland, FI
University of Basilicata, IT
PROGIS Software AG, AU
WirelessInfo, CZ

This WP will use the results from the vision (WP1) and the identified management strategies and standard compliance needs (WP2) as the basis for analysing knowledge based farm management. The main objective of this work package will be to analyse and specify the information needs and other requirements for knowledge based management strategies and the compliance with the new framework for European farming. This will include a “top-down approach” considering the decisions, information flow as well as the data flow between on-farm and local entities, including network solution for communication and information flow in the rural area based on a general model of decision-making and information flows.

Deliverables resulting from the work within this WP:
3.1 Systems analysis and definition of system boundaries
3.2 Specification of material and information flow
3.3 Preliminary report of knowledge and information to be encoded
3.4 Information models specifying usage processes and data elements
3.5 Functional requirements of the derived information system
3.6 Specification of system architecture
3.7 Final documentation specifications of FMIS

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