WP 2: Analysis of management strategies and required compliance to standards


Work Package Leader(s): Spyros Fountas (Centre for research and technology of Thessaly, GR), sfountas [at] agr [dot] uth [dot] gr
Involved Partners:
Leibniz-Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research, DE
University of Copenhagen, DK
University of Aarhus, DK
PROGIS Software AG, AU
WirelessInfo, CZ
The main objective of this work package will be to analyze the needs and requirements of what will be the multifunctional farm of “tomorrow” based on the envisioned perspectives in WP1. The focus will be on identifying farm management strategies and practices and the needed compliance with standard requirements. The multifunctional farm will take into account the current and future trends in European Agriculture with the new CAP, as well as world trade trends. Additionally, the requirements for a farm portal to communicate the multifunctional farm of “tomorrow” of being environmentally and socially friendly, energetic autonomous and enhancing the rural economy will be analyzed. WP2 includes the following five tasks: Task1: Identify the relevant compliance to standards Task2: Identify personal management strategies Task 3: Identify social organization of farmer decision makingTask4: Set the requirements for a Farm Portal Task5: Identify ICT tools and integrated technologies
Deliverables resulting from the work within this WP:
2.1.1 Compliance to standards specifications
2.1.2 Management strategies and practices
2.1.3 Social organization of farmers’ decision making
2.2 Set of Requirements specification for a multifunctional farm portal
2.3 Screening of management standards and compliance to standards

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