WP 1: Vision of the farm of tomorrow


Work Package Leader(s): Karel Charvat (WirelessInfo,CZ)
Communication: Pavel Gnip (WirelessInfo,CZ), gnip [at] wirelessinfo [dot] cz
Involved Partners:
Centre for research and technology of Thessaly, GR
Leibniz-Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research, DE
PROGIS Software AG, AU
This WP analyses external drivers which will influence future farm management. Sub-objectives are:
• analyse the potential external drivers and describe how they will influence farming in the future
• organise workshops with stakeholders and provide an initial analysis of influences of external drivers at the level of the single farm
• define a strategy as to how farm knowledge management could be changed to adapt to the influences of external drivers
• organise a closing workshop to evaluate influences of external drivers and new methods of knowledge management on the future farm economy
• generalise the methodology to prepare a “road-map” for adoption by other farms.
Deliverables resulting from the work within this WP:
1.1.1 List of external drivers
1.1.2 Analysis of external drivers
1.2.1 Knowledge management methods
1.2.2 SWOT analysis of drivers and farms
1.2.3 Visions and recommendations for knowledge management
1.3 Analysis of principles for adaptive knowledge management on pilot farms
1.4 Workshop - strategies for adoption of knowledge management
1.5 Vision statements and Road-map methodology for adoption of knowledge management

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