Work Packages

Work in FutureFarm is divided into 8 Work Packages (WPs), each of which is managed by a work package leader:

  1. Vision of the farm of tomorrow lead by Karel Charvát of WirelessInfo
  2. Analysis of management strategies and required compliance to standards lead by Spyros Fountas of CERETETH
  3. Analysis and specification of knowledge based farm management lead by Claus Sørenson of Aarhus University
  4. Knowledge management in the FMIS of tomorrow lead by Edward Nash of Rostock University
  5. Socio-economic, environmental imapct and technology assessment lead by Søren Pedersen of Copenhagen University
  6. Influences of robotics and biofuels on economic and energetic efficiencies of farm production lead by Eldert van Henten of Wageningen UR
  7. Generalisation, integration, application and dissemination lead by Armin Werner of ZALF
  8. Project coordination and exploitation lead by Simon Blackmore of CERETETH

Further information on each of these WPs is available on their respective pages.

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