Kick-Off Meeting: Volos, GR

24.01.2008 - 10:00
25.01.2008 - 12:00

FutureFarm Kick-off meeting

Date: 24-25 January 2008

Place: Xenia Hotel. Volos, Greece (, click on Hotel Xenia Volou)

From: Simon Blackmore and the FutureFarm Secretariat.

Wednesday 23rd

All international participants fly to Thessaloniki airport. A Cereteth person will meet you at the airport and 2 busses (arranged at different times during the day according to when the most flights arrive) will take you on the two hour trip to the hotel Xenia in Volos. There will be an informal reception and drinks at the bar!

Thursday 24th

The morning session will be in public and the press are invited. The welcome will be made by Prof Elias Houstis, president of Cereteth followed by an introduction of the FutureFarm project by Simon Blackmore. Each Work package leader will then introduce their own work package, objectives and deliverables.

Lunch will be provided and mark the close of the public sessions.

The afternoon session will be private and broken up into 5 workshops, one for each of the first 5 work packages, which will be lead by each WP leader. The purpose is to bring the teams together for the first time and discuss how to work together to ensure good communications and keep the focus of work on the deliverables.

Friday 25th

In the morning, WP sessions will continue with 6 and 7, followed by the first steering committee meeting chaired by Simon Blackmore and Technical committee meeting chaired by Edward Nash. Lunch will be held around 13:00.

The focus will be on organising the deliverables. Each pair of people who should define each deliverable will meet to discuss how this will be done. These pairs of people will be based on the deliverables worksheet that I sent around earlier. Other people with particular interests are welcome to join in. The outcome will be the details of each deliverable (and who is responsible for delivering them) that are in the latest description of work.

The draft meeting program is available below.

Simon 15/1/2008

Kick off Meeting Program-EN.pdf18.41 KB
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