The FutureFarm Project

FutureFarm is a European project funded by the EU as part of the Seventh Research Framework Programme. The official project start date was 1st January 2008, and the project duration is 3 years.

The full project title is "Meeting the challenges of the farm of tomorrow by integrating Farm Management Information Systems to support real-time management decisions and compliance to standards", and the funding is under the Cooperation programme of the FP7 in the Food, Agriculture, Fisheries and Biotechnologies (Knowledge Based Bio-Economy) theme.


For an overview of the project please have a look at our flyer, available in 5 languages:


Work in FutureFarm is divided into 8 Work Packages (WPs). more ...

This website serves as the central point for information on the project as well as for communication between project partners. more ...

4 Pilot Farms from 4 different countries are also part of the FutureFarm project. more ...

Further information is available in English and German on current work from WP4 and requirements on technical standards in agriculture:



Technical Standards for Agriculture:


A short animation explaining some of the concepts developed in WP4 and how they may be applied to assist farmers is available on YouTube in English and German. The English version is also shown below:

To demonstrate the client/server technology illustrated in the animation using a basic browser-based system, a prototype viewer has been developed and can be tested.

Also available is the presentation from the stakeholders' meeting in Brussels in October 2008, and of course the project publications.

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